When Studying For Any Regents Exam

  1. Don't just reread your notes. As you study, quiz yourself. Use either questions that your teachers have asked you, questions from quizzes or textbooks, or ones that you ask yourself.
  2. Think about how what you're studying relates to what you already know.
  3. Rewrite the most important ideas. Draw diagrams, and/or make graphic organizers as you study.
  4. Use flashcards, and have a friend or family member quiz you.
  5. Don't cram - space out your studying over as long a time as possible.


You can study for your Regents Exams using quizzes located here and here.  

Algebra Resources

We recommend LearnZillion as a resource for studying for Algebra.

Use this website to find old Regents questions, answer them yourself and then watch an explanation of how to answer them.

Make flashcards using these vocabulary words. 

Living Environment Resources

You can find more resources at this website

That's Why Carbon Is A Tramp: Crash Course Biology #1

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US History Resources

Use these study packets (one) (two) to review for the US History Regents.

Use this website to find vocabulary words and more study resources.

You can find old Regents Exams here, which you can use to help you study.


When is Thanksgiving? Colonizing America: Crash Course US History #2

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US History Regents Review Live

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Global History Resources

Visit this website to study for the Global History Regents.

You can find old Regents Exams here, which you can use to help you study.

ELA Resources

The following videos will help you with your ELA Regents.

How to: Common Core Argument Essay

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ELA CC Regents - Part 2 Directions Explanation (ENGLISH version)

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ELA Common Core Regents - Part 2 Structure Explanation (ENGLISH version)

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How to Rock MC CC ELA Regents

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Geometry Resources

This Geometry Study Guide has useful information to study.

This website has videos of all of the constructions needed to pass the exam.

Make flashcards using these vocabulary words.