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Thank You, on behalf of AEL's students and families

Dear AEL Community,

This summer brings many smiles to my face as I reflect on the tremendous school year we just had. This past June, we celebrated the close of the 2018-19 school year with 48 of our seniors walked across the stage to earn their high school diplomas. We just have a handful of seniors finishing up some coursework or working hard to pass their remaining Regents exams so that they will be able to graduate in August. I would like to thank the hard working staff of AEL for all that they did throughout the school year to ensure the continued academic, social and emotional growth and development of every one of our students. I appreciate the time that you took from your free periods and the time that you committed either before or after school to be there for your students to offer additional academic or emotional support. Our parents and students are truly blessed to have you in their lives and we are blessed to have you on our team. 

I also want to thank all of you who supported the work that our teachers do day in and day out for our students. A big thank you goes to our Guidance Counselors, our Speech teacher, our School Based Support Team, our Attendance Teacher, our Main Office staff, our Parent Coordinator and the parents who serve on our PTA Executive Board, the parents, students and teachers who serve on our School Leadership Team, my amazing assistant principals, our wonderful Campus Manager, Level III and the School Safety team, the Cafeteria Staff, our Custodial Engineer and his team, our lead CBO (Make the Road NY, Inc.), Superintendent Ross and her amazing team of leaders, and all of the other community based agencies and DOE supports who partnered with us throughout the school year on behalf of our students, teachers and families. Also, I do not want to be remiss in thanking my wonderful colleagues who share the Bushwick High School Campus with AEL: Dr. Perry Rainey, Principal of the Brooklyn School for Math and Research (BSMaRt), Ms Ana Marsh, Principal of the Brooklyn School for Social Justice (BSSJ) and Mr. Jorge Sandoval, Principal of the Academy of Urban Planning and Engineering (AUPE). We have a phenomenal working relationship for which I am truly grateful and appreciative. You are an awesome and dedicated group of professionals with whom I have the pleasure of knowing. 

I am looking forward to wrapping up the 2018-2019 school year strong this summer with those youngsters of ours who are putting in the extra time and effort it is taking them to earn their credits and pass their exams in August. This September, we will be returning as the Academy for Excellence in Leadership. We are still AEL, but we will have one theme and one dream - which is for every student to graduate both career and college-ready in their senior year (or sooner, depending on the student). 

Until then, rest up everyone and enjoy much rest and relaxation with friends and family during these lazy, hazy days of summer!

All my best,

ChántAndréa Blissett