National Honor Society 
The AEL Chapter of the National Honor Society is a service organization that rewards high-achieving students, and provides opportunities for service in the school and community. 
The Yearbook club is in charge of planning, writing, photographing, editing and compiling the yearbook for each year.
The GSA is a supportive organization for LGBTQ students and their allies.
Restorative Justice Club
Our Restorative Justice club focuses on maintaining AEL's status as a safe place where students are able to make decisions collaboratively and we are able to restore harm to the community through restitution and conversation, rather than only punishments.
The games club is an opportunity for students to play brain-building games, such as chess, checkers and dominos.
Our Brothers Break Bread group for young men is affiliated with My Brother's Keeper.
Step Team
Our Step team performs at schoolwide events, such as our Spring Social and graduation.
Educators Rising
Educators Rising is a ledership training organization for students who wish to become teachers or leaders in school, as well as adults.
Opening Act
Opening Act is an after-school theater club, where students write and prepare their own performances in school, and in real off-Broadway theaters, with the assistance of professional teaching-artists.
Our after-school yoga classes provides students and families with an opportunity to get physically fit while obtaining peace of mind.
Student Council
The student council is AEL's student government, and has a voice in class activities and schoolwide decisions.
Swim Club
The swim club is an opportunity for students to learn how to swim and to improve their technique in our school's pool.